The exhibition was organized with the support of the French Institute in Skopje, The Embassy of France and the Municipality of Chair. One representative from each of these institutions addressed the audience and took time to present their satisfaction regarding this successful cooperation. Izet Curi, who made efforts to share his 40-year knowledge with everyone who had the will to learn, on the question if he is satisfied by the project he said:

  • It’s not about my satisfaction about the job done. It’s about the goal that we have. I want to see a new generation of designers and modelists coming out of our school with real knowledge, because in Macedonia the textile industry is the largest one, but there is a lack of modelists.

Students with different nationalities and age were awarded with certificates, which showed once more that it’s never too late for learning and improvement. The goal of the exhibition is to round one year of learning and to raise the interest for fashion in Skopje, and in Macedonia as a whole.