France was always a country with the most powerful tools and leading experience in the field of fashion.

Paris is world’s destination for prestige and elegance. It’s famous for its spirit of freedom, courage and creativity, part of the many elements which influence the French culture to be one of the richest ones worldwide.

“Fashion is in the air, carried by the wind, we feel it, we breathe it, it is among the clouds and the streets, it is written in the ideas, in the habits, in the events”, used to say Gabrielle Chanel, defining her personal attitude towards the fashion through time.

The exhibition presented the working process “mulage” which joins the fashion techniques and the art of sculpture.

The young curious people filled the space in the French Institute at the opening of the exhibition “Through the process of modeling and making of creations”.

Modelism is architecture of the clothes, said Izet Curi, Director of the International Fashion Institute in Skopje. Mr. Emanuele Rembert, Director of the French Institute in Skopje, stated the reasons why the French Institute gave support to the project.

Mrs. Dominique Brunet, professor and modelist, thanked the young talented students from the International Fashion Institute.

Hanife Bilali, whose stay in Paris helped the Frensh Institute, presented the exhibition “Christian Dior, the fashion designer from the dreams”.

The event was organized by the International Fashion Institute Izet Curi in cooperation with the French Institute in Skopje.