International Fashion Institute “Izet Curi” holds 9 month courses for modelism, stylism, tailoring and sewing, in Macedonian, Albanian, English and French. During the course students upgrade and improve their knowledge and skills in many spheres:

– Knowledge of the fashion culture

– Basic methods of work

– Using the working mannequin

– Learning the measurement tables

– Learning the sewing techniques

– Working with materials, tools and mannequins from Paris

– Learning how to create innovative models by building their skills, developing new ways of thinking, as well as various working techniques

– Drawing, creative development, research, design

– Expanding their professional and economic knowledge

– International cooperation (professors from France, Italy, Switzerland)


Making of:

– Skirt

– Corset

– Shirt

– Pants


– Specializing in various sectors (ex. Men’s wear, woman’s wear, children’s wear, accessories)

– Modeling of individual designs

– Preparing collections

– Organizing fashion shows

– Organizing exhibitions



– Visiting various exhibitions

– Visiting the capital of fashion – Paris

– Visiting the private school “ESMOD” Paris

– Participating in the materials fair “Premiere Vision” Paris



After completing the course the students receive a certificate from the International Fashion Institute


“I didn’t believe that it’s possible to learn so much about the world of fashion in only 9 months! But, after I completed the entire program and had the opportunity to witness the visionary spirit of Professor Izet Curi, I have realized the priceless value of every single moment spent in this Institute.”

“I have so many wonderful experiences from the time spent at the course in the International Fashion Institute Izet Curi. In 9 months I have gained a lot of knowledge, friends and self confidence to do the thing that I’ve always wanted to do…”

“I want to thank professor Izet Curi for bringing Paris in my city through his experience and the entire organization of this course. The decision to become one of his students is probably one of the best life decisions that I’ve made so far.”


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